Welcome @ Ginger PR

Welcome to Ginger PR boutique where innovation and craftsmanship deliver results in the competitive public relations market

Hands on approach – we tackle communication from the core of the business of our partners

Committed to close relationships – our consultants are more than just consultants; they are more like an internal resource dedicated to the Client

Creativity makes the difference – we don’t believe that everything has already been said or done. We look into discovering new paths of communication so as to make a difference.

Tailor – made, fresh perspective – each project is customized according to our Partners’ business strategy and seeks new and unexploited paths of communication

Extended experience on the Romanian market and proven successful PR campaigns

High standards – when something can be done perfectly, then why not do it ?

"What is once well done is done forever"
Henry David Thoreau

Our consultants can spend time at your office, accommodate with your company and know it from the inside, be available for any inquiries, be connected with you permanently

In house perspective offers the contact with the daily pulse of your business, so as we can have a complex vision, vital to developing a long term strategy and also to seize on site new communication opportunities